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28th Jun 2018

This will make you think twice about shaving your pubic hair


Cathy Donohue

pubic hair

A new survey has found that shaving pubic hair has resulted in a number of injuries.

Research published by JAMA Dermatology surveyed 5674 adults and found that 25.6 percent of them received injuries from grooming their pubic hair.

Dr Benjamin Breyer, the vice-chair of urology at the University of California San Francisco, liaised with his colleagues to create a specially designed questionnaire where people commented on their grooming habits and ensuing injuries if any.

According to TIME, Breyer discovered that 3 percent of the people who presented at the emergency room of UCSF had injuries related to grooming practices, and this was his main reason for instigating the research.

Shaving was the grooming practice that led to the most injuries with cuts being the most prevalent, with rashes/burns following closely behind.

pubic hair

9.3 percent reported that they received an infection from their injury with 3.4 percent needing antibiotics and 2.5 percent had injuries that required ‘surgical intervention’.

The results found that if grooming is something an individual finds essential, “waxing in women may protect against high-frequency injuries, although more research is necessary to confirm this finding”.

On completion of the study, Breyer’s recommendation was:

 “One lesson to take from this is that if you have had significant grooming injuries, or keep getting injured, you should reconsider the areas you groom, how frequently you do it, and the extent to which you do it”.