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13th May 2017

Harvard researchers pinpoint the food that helps shift belly fat

Cathy Donohue

We’ve all heard the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ and you can bet we’re all sick to the teeth of it too.

In saying that, there is some method to this particular madness and there is research from Harvard University to back it up.

There are certain foods that bring on bloating but equally, there are ‘good’ foodstuffs which can help when you’re trying to trim down your tummy area.

We’ve previously spoken about how avocados, as a source of healthy fats, can help to break down stubborn belly fat but there’s another food source we should be including too.


Yep, they’re high in fat and that’s sometimes why people neglect including them on a daily basis but regular consumption is essential.

According to Byrdie, a study carried out by Harvard researchers found that people who ate more nuts were less likely to put on weight that those who didn’t.

Another Harvard study, featured in a piece on Psychology Today, outlined that when almonds, together with olive oil and nuts, were consumed in conjunction with a low-fat diet, those people lost just as much weight as people on a low- calorie diet.

Interestingly, six months later, the almond eaters had stayed the same weight while those on the low-calorie diet were finding it more difficult to maintain their previous weight.

We might add some almonds to the Saturday shop…