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31st Mar 2021

Zebra KitKats are now a thing and we’re intrigued

These look delish!

You really can’t go wrong with a KitKat and you know what they say, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

That being said KitKat are bringing out a new bar and we’re not going to lie, we’re very intrigued to try it out.

KitKat will soon be releasing their new KitKat Zebra bar and it looks amazing.

KitKat Zebra will be a combination of marbled dark and creamy white chocolate which sounds absolutely delicious.

Maria McKenna, Confectionery Marketing Manager, Nestlé Ireland said:

“Now over 85 years old, KitKat’s unique mix of heritage and innovation has helped to make it one of Ireland’s most iconic confectionery brands. We know how much people love to discover new KitKat flavours, and we think Zebra is an innovation they will go wild for!

“KitKat Zebra brings you the best of both worlds – combining deliciously rich dark and white chocolate with our trademark crispy wafer – and we hope fans will agree that it tastes as good as it looks. All we can say is, stripes are definitely in this season!”

KitKat Zebra is the latest in a long line of new flavour launches from the brand, joining bars such as KitKat Gold and KitKat Ruby.

I was a huge fan of the Marble bars that were out years ago so I personally can not wait to get my hands on a KitKat Zebra to have with a cup of tea.

The original KitKat bar was first invented in York in England back in 1935, but was known at the time as ‘Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp’. The more unique name of ‘KitKat’ wasn’t adopted by the company until a couple of years later.

The new KitKat Zebra will also have bold packaging to match the product’s eye-catching design, which will hit stores across Ireland on April 5.