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10th Apr 2019

You will actually not believe what the most popular Easter Sunday dinner is

Olivia Hayes

Naaah, can’t be.

Easter Sunday has long been a thing when you’re dragged to a family dinner of some sort. You don’t really want to go, you will probably be dragged to mass too… but in fairness, we all enjoy the grub and the conversation with family members isn’t that bad.

That’s the traditional thing that people do, right?

Well, it seems like times are changing as a new kind of meal has come out on top for Easter Sunday.

That gorgeous roast dinner is losing its momentum as it has been revealed by Just Eat that the spice bag has become the most popular meal to order on the day.

Image result for spice bag

Orders on Easter Sunday in 2018 were up a massive 72 percent in the capital, and over 67 percent in the rebel county, with Chinese the cuisine of choice for the seasonal family gathering. Meeen-tal.

Commenting on the results of the Just Eat report, Edel Kinane, Commercial Director said: “The popularity of the Spice Bag on Easter Sunday certainly disrupts the traditional idea of an Easter Sunday dinner, but it is reflective of a continuous shift in more relaxed ordering habits which we’re seeing among consumers using the Just Eat app across the week.

“Despite this shift on Easter Sunday, we can see that ‘fish’ on Good Friday is still the most ordered dish, so perhaps Irish people are still keen to hold on to certain traditions.”