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18th Jun 2019

A viral video on how to peel garlic in SECONDS has our minds blown

Shook I tell ya.

Denise Curtin

I’m shook.

I was today-years-old when I learned that I’ve been peeling garlic like a clown for almost 10 years.

Never was I taught this hack in my six years of home economics. Shame.

Never did I think there was a two-second method for removing garlic cloves from their skin.

No peeling involved I tell ya.

A Twitter user who classes themselves a garlic-using pro shared a quick and easy video of simply pulling garlic cloves off.

Basically, all you need to do is jab your knife into a clove, twist, pull and voila, your clove is skinless and ready to use.

The video has been retweeted over 117,000 times with people simply as shook as I am.

Now, the comments are mixed with some people saying it doesn’t work while others thanked the user for becoming the Lord Savior.

The verdict? Well, it’s up to you to give it a shot.

Tips I’ve noticed is to use a flaky skinned garlic blub and also a sharp knife. Enjoy.