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15th May 2016

This flowchart will help you make PERFECT chips every single time


Chips are the most glorious food on the planet, and I will not have anyone tell me otherwise.

The golden sticks of potatoey goodness come in many forms, and there’s a method to getting them done just right, to get the perfect crispiness on the outside and the delicious fluffy texture on the inside.

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Blake Lingle is the co-founder and co-owner of Idaho-based fast food firm The Boise Fry Company, and the man knows his chips.

Lingle, Fry Expert, has even written a book on the subject of delicious crispy potato goods, simply called Fries! An Illustrated History of the World’s Favourite Food.

Judging by their Instagram, we need to go there immediately:

#regram Happy Fryday! #pdxeats #worldsbestfries

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ALL THE FRIES for the NW Travel Mag shoot. Can you name ’em? #boisefryco #portland #burnside&19th #potatoes #fries #sauce #salt

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Lifehacker Australia has gotten their hands on one of the most interesting aspects of the book, that is the Fry Algorithm. This flowchart will ensure that your fries are perfect whether they are shoestring, steak cut or regular old chip size.

It goes into a lot of detail, but if you’re something of a home chef, this is well worth a go.