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17th Apr 2019

Ever wondered what Prosecco the colour looked like? Now you know


Olivia Hayes

How glorious.

Hold up… sparkling wine is now a colour? And we want it painted ALL over our homes.

Pantone Color Institute™ has just teamed up with Laithwaite’s Wine, the UK’s largest online wine merchant, and has announced the creation of a new colour, English Sparkling.

Why? Well, English Quality Sparkling Wine has become quite popular in recent years (if you haven’t noticed!).

Taking the battle of the fizzes outside the world of booze for the first time, the new English Sparkling shade developed by Pantone challenges ‘Champagne’ as the go-to colour term within design and interior circles.

Inspired by one of the most popular (and highly awarded) English Sparkling wine, Wyfold Vineyard Brut, the colour is now available to use digitally worldwide, and can be purchased as a paint through Valspar in all B&Q stores.

The colour has been described as “subtle and stylishly elegant, creamy hue that quietly expresses effervescence and good taste.

“Young in spirit and timeless in its appeal, this natural off-white shade conveys feelings of Spring freshness and modernity.”

David Thatcher, CEO of Laithwaite’s Wine, said:

“Just as Burgundy and Champagne are very well known terms for colours it’s now time for English Quality Sparkling Wine to take centre stage.