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02nd Jul 2016

Red Wine ICE CREAM FLOATS are a thing (Oh hi, Summer!)

Katie Mythen-Lynch

As a beverage, red wine was already pretty perfect already in our book. Smooth, juicy, deep ruby red, Spanish, French or Chilean, always there like a big friendly hug at the end of a long week.

Then we heard that a new Brooklyn restaurant had gone one better, combining our beloved red with another of our favourite things: ICE CREAM.

Inspired by the Kalimotxo float (a dessert based on the red wine and cola drink enjoyed in Spain), the ten-dollar Boozy Float now on the menu at BKW contains equal parts Brooklyn Winery old vine zinfandel and cola.

The blend is served in a jug, allowing the diner to pour it over a delicious scoop of icy mascarpone gelato from Il Laboratoria del Gelato at their leisure.

Just like the wine slushie, it makes so much sense now that we’ve had time to process it. Why didn’t we think of that?