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14th Feb 2018

FREE pizza and a tattoo? This could be your most interesting Valentine’s Day yet

This is RIGHT up our street

Olivia Hayes

This is very interesting, indeed.

If you’re idea of Valentine’s Day is NOT a fancy dinner and movie, then this could be just for you.

Domino’s has decided to shake it up a bit with its latest offerings.

Yep, instead of sitting by a fire and whispering sweet nothings into your SO’s ear, the pizza chain want to celebrate the day with Ross Nagle, All Star Ink owner and lead tattoo artist.

One lucky person will win the opportunity to have Ross design their very own tattoo as well as winning a year’s free pizza.

For those not lucky enough to win the session in All Star Ink, there are 100 temporary pizza tattoos available for those who message Domino’s Pizza Ireland and declare their love for the Nation’s Favourite Pizza.

As well as that, Dom Juan, the Domino’s chatbot, will serve up some of the nation’s cheesiest chat-up lines today like “I pepper-only have eyes for you” and “you’ve stolen a pizza my heart” to help break the ice with potential partners.

The digital love guru Dom appears as a normal Tinder profile, but feeds his matches witty one-liners to help them find a real-life date to share a slice with. Awwww.

Pizza fans can put themselves forward for a pizza tattoo by messaging Domino’s Pizza Ireland through Facebook.