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08th May 2016

Pizza Hut are testing out bacon and cheese stuffed crust. Start salivating now

How many times can they reinvent pizza?

Pizza, or bacon? Bacon, or pizza? Which food do you love more?

Well, if Pizza Hut’s new trial comes off, food lovers will no longer have to choose.

This week saw Pizza Hut launch the bacon stuffed crust, with little bits of bacon goodness cooked right into the melted cheese.

Layers on layers of goodness here.

It's here. Introducing Bacon Stuffed Crust, now with new Applewood Smoked Bacon. #baconstuffedcrust

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Pizza Hut make the new stuffed crust by combining mozzarella, white cheddar and provolone cheese before adding pieces of Applewood smoked bacon.

We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.

Enjoy bacon from sun up to sun down.

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Pizza Hut has shown in the past they love to mess around with their pizza crusts.

Who could forget their hotdog experiment?


Or the time they had a go with twisted crusts for dipping?

Or when they went really wild and stuff beef burgers into their crusts to create something that still haunts out colons?

pizza hut large double pepperoni pizza

Clearly they love a bit of experimentation. But pencil us in as excited for bacon stuffed crust. It’s out there, but not too out there.

At the moment, bacon stuffed crust pizza is only available on large pizzas in the U.S for a limited time to see if it proves popular.

Here’s hoping Pizza Hut see sense and release it over in Europe quickly.

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