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15th Mar 2018

This peanut butter sandwich ‘hack’ is confusing a lot of people

Do we need a hack to spread peanut butter...?

Jade Hayden

peanut butter

Are you partial to the odd peanut butter sambo?

It’s sort of a love it or hate it kind of thing.

Some will tell you they can’t live without their daily dose of crunchy peanut butter and jam sandwiched between a few slices of Brennan’s.

Others will merely gag at the thought and reach for some cheese and onion instead.

But whatever your preference, there is definitely something we can probably all agree on – we don’t need a food ‘hack’ for spreading peanut butter.

Or, according to the Food Network, maybe we do…?

Late last month, the channel’s Facebook page shared the peanut butter hack “you never knew you needed!”

It all started off all well and good.

Food blogger Bev Weidner started by saying that she was going to go ahead and make some peanut butter slices.

Sounds decent.

However, Weidner then says that she has a special trick for making her slices that most people aren’t aware of.

Instead of spreading the peanut butter straight out of the jar and onto her bread, she likes to put it on some parchment paper, freeze it, and then place it on the bread after.

Sounds like a lot of effort for a peanut butter sambo, like.

peanut butter

Facebook users were equally confused by Weidner’s method.

They didn’t understand why freezing the peanut butter was necessary at all.

They couldn’t comprehend how a ‘hack’ could actually take a lot more effort than just doing things the normal way… by spreading.

But Weidner remained adamant that her method was useful.

peanut butter

In the video, she states that freezing the peanut butter stop the bread slices from ripping when you try to spread it using a knife.

… Which would be all well and good if this tended to be an issue that was regularly faced by people.

Maybe the true ‘hack’ here is just to store your peanut butter in a press instead of fridge?

It’s definitely a lot less effort than freezing it on parchment paper, anyway.