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16th Mar 2018

You now have the perfect excuse to have G&T for breakfast

Would you try these?

It’s definitely an acquired taste.

With BBQ season in full swing, we can’t remember what it is to eat our dinner indoors, without a bottle of beer in one hand and swatting flies away with the other.

Yes, barbecued meat and alcohol have become staples in our diets and it seems one butcher has been paying attention.

McCartney’s of Moira in Belfast has created a brand new type of sausages but we’re not sure if we’re brave enough to try them.

Fancy a cider with your meal? No worries, the Koppaberg Pear Cider flavoured sausages are perfect for you.

Feeling like you need more spirit? Well, then we’d recommend trying their Gin and Tonic Pork sausages.

“If you’re looking for something different, we have two exciting new types of sausage on the go this weekend,” reads a post on the crafty butcher’s Facebook page.

The sausages are only available in the Belfast butchers currently, but who knows what could happen due to popular demand.

Anyone fancy a fry up?