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30th Nov 2017

Nandos are dropping a Christmas burger tomorrow and it sounds very festive


Jade Hayden


Who among us doesn’t love a good Nandos?

Even if you’re not that into your chicken, the lads over there have usually got a nice array of alternative feeds for you to sample so nobody ever misses out on that Peri-Peri goodness.

And now, they’ve only gone and dropped a new festive burger just in time for Christmas and it’s certainly intriguing.


The Mzansi Christmas Burger includes a Peri-Peri chicken breast and thigh, some cranberry sauce, a bit of mushroom and chestnut pate, a handful of crispy onions, and some coleslaw.


The burger costs €12.10 on its own, €14.30 with one side, and €16.50 with two regular sides.

Honestly, what could be better than a Christmas burger with a side (or two) or creamy mash?

(Nothing, that’s what.)

The Mzansi Christmas Burger will be hitting Nandos restaurants from tomorrow, December 1.