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13th Aug 2018

Nando’s is giving away free food to Leaving Cert students today

Paul Moore


Know anyone that fits the bill?

Cheeky Nando’s?

Well, it’s not really that cheeky since they’re giving out a free 1/4 Chicken or Fire-Starter, and honestly, after all those months of hard work of *study*, Irish students are fully entitled to some Nando’s nourishment.

After all, you probably spent months cooped up with those books while simultaneously hatching a plan for success.

Whether you’re celebrating or commiserating, there’s some free grub to be had and all you need to do is visit any of their restaurants, show them your results and remember to bring your ID.

This plucking offer is only available on August 13, so be quick.

All details are included here and we hope that you scoff yourself silly.

*FYI, even if you did damn all study, we still wouldn’t begrudge you some free chicken.