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13th Jan 2020

M&S sell their famous cookies in frozen form so you can have them hot out of the oven

Olivia Hayes

How are we only finding this out now?

M&S chocolate chip cookies are a bit of an institution. I remember going into the store as a kid and buying them with my nanny, which turned into going into town as a teenager just to get my hands on a few.

I still love the cookies to this day and while I save them as a treat for a rainy day, there’s no other cookie that quite lives up to the taste.

Of course, as everyone knows they’re way tastier when you catch them right out of the oven, and now it seems like you can bake them from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Now, I have not seen these in store, but I came across a tweet from late last year and found an image online of the actual product so they HAVE to be out there, right?

Image result for m&S frozen cookies

The cookies appear to come in a pack of eight, but the cost? Who knows. I’m assuming it would be similar to the freshly baked cookies they have in store.

I’m on a mission to find these frozen cookies and will make my way to the nearest M&S after work. It’s a goal (Ah, January).