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07th Apr 2023

McDonald’s customers enraged after dog seen sitting on table in restaurant

By Charlie Herbert

‘People are gross and don’t care about anything other than themselves’

McDonald’s fans have been left aghast after two customers decided to let their dog sit on the table in one of the chain’s restaurants.

In a picture shared on Reddit, the small dog can be seen perched on top of a table where customers would normally eat their food.

The photo appeared to be taken in Melbourne, Australia, and prompted many to voice their outrage.

The picture was shared with the caption: “Who doesn’t love some dirty dog anus on their Maccas table?”

One person replied: “People are gross and don’t care about anything other than themselves.”

Another said: “Yeah it’s not fine dining doesn’t mean your disgusting dog can sit on the table.”

And a third wrote: “That’s gross. I love my dogs but their a** ain’t coming inside let alone sitting on a table.”

Not everyone was angered by the owners’ actions though, with one person pointing out “that’s why you eat off the tray, not the table.”

Someone else echoed this, saying they “always eat off the bag.”

A third commented: “Unless you’re planning on licking the table, I’m not sure why this would bother you.”

Meanwhile, others who were familiar with the establishment joked that the dog’s anus is “probably cleaner than that counter top,” with someone else saying it was “one of the worst Maccas” they’ve ever been to.

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