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15th Oct 2022

McDonald’s is adding a new chicken burger to its permenant menu

Ellen Fitzpatrick


The McDonald’s menu is something that hasn’t changed in 15 years, and sure there have been some limited edition changes but the standard menu has never budged.

For the first time in years, fans of the fast food chain will be treated to a major menu change but don’t panic just yet, they’re not getting rid of anything – just making it better.

Bringing out a brand chicken burger which is currently limited edition, the McCrispy is finding a permanent home on their menu.

The burger consists of a crunchy, 100 per cent chicken breast fillet, marinated in black pepper and cayenne, topped with classic mayonnaise with cracked black pepper and a savoury roasted chicken flavour and sandwiched in an artisan glazed bun with a sweet nutty toasted flavour.

The bun is also made using sourdough and glazed and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

McDonald’s describes the new addition as: “A crispy chicken sandwich made with tender and juicy […] seasoned chicken.

“It’s topped with shredded lettuce and creamy mayo-style sauce and served on a soft potato bun for a taste that’s so McDonald’s.”

According to McDonald’s, fans are already going crazy for the burger, saying that it is very similar to another that was trialled earlier this year in March.

The Crispy McFillet burger was rated higher than its other fast food restaurants’ take on taste, as customers enjoyed not only the chicken, but also the bun more than others.

The burger arrives in restaurants at 11am on 19 October and will be available as part of an extra-value meal.

As the face of the new burger, Love Island host Maya Jama said: “I love a chicken burger and am a self-confessed chicken connoisseur, so when I found out Maccies was launching this new burger, I had to get involved.”