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09th Nov 2018

If you love their sweet potato fries then get ready for these new STRONG ROOTS products

Anna Daly

sweet potato fries
Brought to you by STRONG ROOTS.

Get these in our bellies, please.

We are big fans of sweet potato fries. They’re chips but they’re sweeter and healthier – what’s not to like?

The best thing about them is that we no longer have to try and ignore that all-too-common craving for a big bowl of chips. We just pop to the shop, pick up a bag of sweet potato fries, throw them in the oven, and they more than satisfy the craving.

Though chips aren’t the only fried potato food that we crave. We are also frequent consumers of the humble hash brown. They’re crispy, delicious, and tummy-warming. Unfortunately, though, they’re not the healthiest breakfast option. So we try to cut down on them, we really do, but they’re just so nice that we find ourselves giving it to the craving all too often.

Even just thinking about them now is making us hungry.

However, STRONG ROOTS has come to our rescue again with their new Cauliflower Hash Browns. Just like the sweet potato fries, they are low in sugar, low in saturated fats, plant-based and completely vegan.

They look delish and super crispy. And just think, you can have a whole pile of these hash browns guilt-free. Perfection.

STRONG ROOTS are also coming out with their all-new Broccoli & Purple Carrot Bites.

We can so see ourselves gobbling down these little nibbles as a snack or a side to many a dinner dish. They look divine and, if pre-tasting is anything to go by, these mini bites are shaping up to be a real favourite.

They are also low in saturated fats, are plant-based and completely vegan, and they’re a great source of fibre.

We are dying to try both of these treats, especially during winter. When we’re cold and looking for something warm to snack on, these will do very nicely indeed.

Whoever thought we’d be so excited for the addition of more broccoli and cauliflower into our meals? Ten-year-old us would be horrified. Though something tells us that even ten-year-old us would have eaten these delightful little treats.

Brought to you by STRONG ROOTS.

Both of these new STRONG ROOTS products are available in SuperValu stores nationwide from this week.