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10th Apr 2018

KitKat are bringing a brand new bar to Ireland and millennials will LOVE it

YES to this.

Reuben Pinder

Keep an eye out for these, coming very soon

There are few things more enjoyable than eating a KitKat. Whether you like the four-finger bar or you’re more of a crunchy person, that timeless combination of chocolate and wafer is pretty unbeatable. It’s certainly in the elite tier of confectionary.

Just when you thought they’d done it all – peanut butter, white chocolate etc – Nestlé go and smash it out of the park again, with the announcement that they will be bringing out a bar in our favourite colour – millennial pink.

What makes it pink, I hear you ask? Food colouring? Wrong. This new delicacy is made with ruby cocoa beans, which have an intense fruity taste, and there is no need to add any artificial flavour or colour.

The pink KitKat was first made available in Japan and Korea for Valentine’s Day but will soon be available for you to buy in the Ireland.

In Japan, they only came in the four-finger shape, but don’t rule out a chunky version coming out in the future.

The pink four-finger bar will be available in Ireland this summer and, in a pleasant change of events, Nestlé are rolling the bar out in Europe before it will be available in America.

“We know that a new type of KitKat is a really big deal and we are very excited to be able to offer a different type of chocolate for KitKat fans to try,” Nestlé’s Alex Gonnella said.