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17th Sep 2017

Kellogg’s is releasing Unicorn Froot Loops and we’re absolutely ecstatic


Gillian Fitzpatrick

Froot Loops: a king of cereals – and one that hands-down has oodles of wow-factor at the breakfast table.

And now further Froot Loops news this week has us rather ecstatic.

Yup, Kellogg’s has announced that it is releasing on Sunday special edition UNICORN edition of the winning cereal.

Michaela Mayoh, brand manager for cereal marketing in the UK and Ireland, said of this momentous occasion: “The appeal of limited edition character takeovers on pack and embracing current trends is something that works well in store and is popular with our consumers.”

Hear, hear, we say.

A statement furthermore highlighted: “Unicorn Froot Loops are one of the first Kellogg’s cereals to be fortified with vitamin C as well as B vitamins, iron and calcium.

“The food is also a source of fibre, low in saturated fat and contains only natural colours.”

Apparently this gem has previously been available in the likes of Germany, and Kellogg’s has already released a teaser of the product, which is packed up in an appropriately glittery and rainbow-hued box, on Instagram.

However, there is a little bad news too: as of right now, the product will being exclusively released in Asda stores in the UK only… which means – tragically! – Irish folk will have to hold out and see if Unicorn Froot Loops make an appearance on home-soil.

The 375g box is priced at a reasonable £2.79 (€3.20) so fingers crossed it’s only a matter of time before an supermarket in Ireland has this bit of breakfast magic on its shelves.