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20th Oct 2017

Ireland’s first hand rolled ice cream doughnut is here and it sounds unreal

So... much... deliciousness...

Just when we thought we had seen it all…

We’ve heard of butterbeer doughnuts, bagel doughnuts and even doughnut bouquets – but this takes it all to a whole new (delicious) level.

Revolution Bakery in Dublin have just announced their most mouth-watering creation yet.

The bakery shared the news on social media on Thursday as they unveiled Ireland’s hand rolled ice cream doughnut and it’s as delicious as it sounds.

The combo sees Revolution Bakery’s handmade brioche doughnut filled with some hand rolled Arctic Stone ice cream.

But, in a slight bit of bad news, the rolled ice cream doughnut is only available at Arctic Stone Ice Cream’s shop in the Blackrock market on weekends.

If you fancy trying the delicious doughnut, we’d suggest you get there quick.

Even though the weather may be getting (more than a bit) colder, we would imagine these are going to be flying off the shelves – plus, they’re only in limited supply.

It comes as US dessert bar B Sweet shared a similar kind of creation – the Halo.

A Halo is exactly what it looks like: a doughnut with a big ol’ scoop of ice cream in the middle.

Through some heat-sealing culinary magic, the doughnut is nice and tasty warm while the ice cream stays cold in the middle – and let’s not forget the sweet, sticky glaze on the doughnuts.

And much like the Revolution Bakery/Arctic Stone combo, they’re all custom made too, so you can choose what kind of filling you get in your Halo.