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14th Dec 2017

Ireland is going to have its first national burger festival in January

Michael Lanigan

You’ve a month to recover from Christmas dinner.

The first national burger festival will be taking place between 22 and 29 January.

BurgerFest 2018 is going to “celebrate the humble burger” in over 300 pubs, hotels, restaurants, cafés and fast food joints across Ireland. Promising a number of events, tastings and demonstrations to water mouths and challenge belts, the eight-day festival will conclude with a competition to determine the best burger in Ireland and each county.

The nationwide event is run by the Festival Crew, who previously helped to establish and manage the likes of Cork Food Festival, Oktoberfest Beag and FEAST (formerly Midleton Food and Drink Festival).

Speaking about BurgerFest 2018, Ernest Cantillon, co-founder of the Festival Crew said, “As a venue owner myself I know that, rather than drawing in crowds, festivals often take people away from the pubs and restaurants.

“What we want to do is to bring the festival to the venues and drive footfall for them, as well as putting on a great event for the public. Our business model is low cost and low risk, and has proved to be hugely successful.”

Participation will cost €95 per venue, with each being given the option to decide how to celebrate burgers.

For more information, visit the Festival Crew’s official page here.