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09th May 2016

This Instagram account is just pictures of smoothies and it is ART

Instagram is a beautiful place where we can scroll and imagine holidays, expensive clothes, and my favourite; drool over beautifully styled images of food and drink.

It’s a treasure trove of gastronomic delight and this latest discovery is both aesthetically pleasing and making me very thirsty.

The lovely people at Delish have drawn our attention to the account of Alison Grisé Wu, who makes quite honestly some of the most beautiful smoothies we have ever set our eyes on.

They spoke to her about how she achieves the beautiful layered effect, and she offered a few tips. For example, frozen fruit works better in smoothies than room temperature, and cashew milk and the fat from coconuts (frozen and blended overnight), work as an excellent base to create that thick consistency.

The colours, the intricate layering, the composition. So perfect.

These breathtaking subtle shades of blue.

Really missing my #vitamix right now. Heading to LA for the night. I would love any last minute recommendations for eating and shopping! #WuHaus

A photo posted by alison grisé wu (@alison__wu) on

Perfectly placed kiwi slices here.

Dreaming of these yummies and lazier mornings on this busy Monday one. Hope you all have a great week! #WuHaus

A photo posted by alison grisé wu (@alison__wu) on

Look at this purple ombré smoothie. Divine.

Look at this strawberry and coconut majesty.

Strawberry-coconut dreaming ?☁️✨ Happy Friday, everyone! #WuHaus

A photo posted by alison grisé wu (@alison__wu) on

We feel so soothed. Thank you Alison.

A coconut, goji, mango, kale, blueberry, blackberry rainbow this Saturday morning. ? #WuHaus

A photo posted by alison grisé wu (@alison__wu) on

All images via Instagram/@alison_wu)