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17th Sep 2022

I’m hanging onto summer feels with this new Nespresso iced coffee recipe


No PSL for me, pls.

I know I am going against the grain here, but I cannot think of anything worse than pumpkin-spiced lattes.

To me, they literally taste like I am drinking a Christmas edition Yankee Candle.

Nope, give me iced all the way – even in winter.

I am most definitively a summer person, and will almost do whatever it takes to hang onto those summer vibes all year through – and this includes the coffee I drink.

My latest – and may I add very tasty – way of capturing that summer feeling?

Coffee pods made for iced coffee

Nespresso’s new Barista Creations Liminha over Ice coffee – coffee pods with hints of lime and mint that are literally made for turning into the most refreshing iced coffee or even coffee cocktails.

Inspired by the delicious flavours of the tropics and in honour of Brazil’s national drink – the Caipirinha – the lime and mint take centre stage resulting in a refreshing new flavour of coffee that the clever minds at Nespresso launched earlier this summer.

Nespresso themselves suggest the following way to serve it up:

1 coffee capsule (80 ml) over a cup full of ice cubes (180 g). To extend the treat, top it up with cold water (180 ml).

However, I used tonic water, added a wedge or two of lime, some fresh mint leaves and pinch of sugar, and oh my goodness, it feels like drinking sunshine – and I intend on closing my eyes and continuing to pretend summer is still here.

Another option: