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10th Jun 2021

Iced Biscoff lattes are going viral – and we can see why

Sarah McKenna Barry

These have us watering at the mouth.

With summer well and truly upon us, we’re constantly looking for ways to up our iced-coffee game, and the latest TikTok trend may be just what we need.

Iced Biscoff lattes appear to be the drink of the season, and we can understand why. A mouth-watering, creamy coffee with a biscuity taste? Literally, sign us up.

To make your own Biscoff bevvy, follow the 7amcoffeclub’s recipe on TikTok. You’ll need Biscoff spread, espresso, honey, milk, and, of course, ice.

Start off by making a quarter cup of coffee. A shot of espresso is perfect, but if instant coffee is more your speed, then go for it. Next, add a tablespoon of Lotus Biscoff Spread to your coffee and mix well. If you have it handy, use a whisk. If not, any other type of stirrer will work. Once these ingredients are blended together, set them aside and fill a tall glass with ice.

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♬ Just the Two of Us – Grover Washington, Jr.

To make your drink even sweeter, add a tablespoon of something syrupy. Honey does the trick, but so does maple syrup, or any other liquid sweetener you have lying around. For a nutty twist, use Monin’s Roasted Hazelnut Syrup.

Next, pour in your milk – dairy, oat, almond, coconut – it’s entirely up to you. Just be sure to leave some space in your glass for your Biscoff coffee blend. By this stage, your latte is almost ready, you just need to add in your mixture and it’s good to go.

Once all the ingredients are in the glass, give it a good stir, grab your favourite reusable straw and voilà, your latte is ready.

One word of advice however. Unless you like your coffees extremely chewy, opt for the smooth Lotus Biscoff Spread.

Save the crunchy kind for your toast.