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21st Feb 2020

Prepare to drool… here’s where you will find the best pizza in Dublin

Cassie Stokes


Pizza for life.

It really is the ultimate comfort food – that cheesy, doughy goodness is essential sometimes.

As a true pizza obsessive, I have compiled my list of must-try places in the capital (recommendations for pizza places across the country are always welcome too…)

Starting with Boco. You’ll find it on Bolton Street, on the North side of the city and it’s always packed.

Colm, Boco’s owner, describes it as the perfect spot to get a pizza and a pint. There’s plenty of history attached too as the building used to be a pharmaceutical factory owned by Colm’s dad.

He filled me in on a few inside tips – the oven is a French model, rather than the classic Italian option. They also use Slovakian flour for their dough allowing for a delicate texture… almost too delicate when you’re a novice and are only learning.

As you’ll see below, I made my favourite Boco pizza in this week’s episode of Curated with Cassie… what a time to be alive!

I also have to mention the The Back Page which you’ll find in Phibsborough. Please note, they have an insane selection of dips. It’s a great spot to go with friends but also the perfect place for a solo beer every now and then.

In Dublin city-centre, The Yarn, located between the Woollen Mills restaurant and The Grand Social, is another must-try. There’s a lasagne pizza on the menu, I kid you not and they also offer pizza parties – the dream. Get a group together and book in, you won’t be disappointed.

Rita’s in Ranelagh is another favourite and as a relatively new spot, it’s what you might call an undiscovered gem. I went with a group of my friends last year and we couldn’t get over how huge the pizzas were, HUGE. However, we polished off every last bite because they were so delicious, no regrets.

Finally if you haven’t tried Da Mimmo on the North Strand, you must go. The reviews are seriously good, the place itself is gorgeous and the pizza… well, it truly is sensational.

I had been hearing about this place for months before I eventually got to pop in and well, was it worth the wait! Pro-tip, it’s always busy so make sure you book in advance.