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04th Oct 2018

Here’s how many calories are in your favourite Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Have you been to the new store yet?

Denise Curtin

Ah, Krispy Kreme.

Also known as the Irish hunger games.

Since the first ever Irish store opened in Blanchardstown two weeks ago, it seems like the country has literally gone GAGA for the glazed wonders.

With queues of over an hour wait and traffic jams in the middle of the night (see below), we’re still trying to understand what makes this doughnut store a million miles above the rest?

And everyone who has got their hands on one of the store’s signature pastries has highly documented it, with our feeds packed full of doughnut boomerangs showing boxes opening and closing.

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But how many calories are actually in your favourite treat from the new store?

We’ve all the information from the Calorie Lab, which has totted up the best to the worst.


Original Glazed – 200 calories

Glazed Cinnamon – 210 calories

Chocolate Iced Glazed – 260 calories

Glazed Lemon Filled – 270 calories

Chocolate Custard Filled – 310 calories

New York Cheesecake – 320 calories

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Glazed Kreme Filled – 340 calories

Caramel Kreme Crunch – 350 calories

Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled – 350 calories

Cookies and Kreme – 400 calories

Frozen Blends

Frozen Original Kreme Blend (with coffee) – 16oz – 600 calories

Frozen Double Chocolate Blend (with coffee) – 16oz – 600 calories

Frozen Latte Blend – 160z – 610 calories

Krispy Kreme in Dublin has now closed the 24/7 drive-thru due to noise complaints. You can read all about that here.