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11th Aug 2017

HELLO marshmallow gin where have you been all our lives?

This looks divine.

Denise Curtin

There is nothing we love more than sweets and gin. 

So when we heard there was a product that was a combined the two, we feel instantly in love.

The Naked Marshmallow Co. decided to create this new flavour after demands from the public for more boozy concoctions. The new vanilla bean marshmallow gin will feature classic vanilla with added seeds for an intense flavour.

Naked Marshmallow co-founder Joseph Colson told FoodBev: “We have had a great time with reinventing marshmallows and one request we always have is for alcohol flavours. We thought it was a great opportunity to reinvent another product. With the growing interest in artisanal food and drink it was a fantastic opportunity to merge the two.”

“The inclusion of the the marshmallow gives the alcohol a fantastic new taste and we decided to go with vanilla bean for the gin to keep it simple and elegant – then salted caramel for the vodka, because salted caramel marshmallow vodka is just amazing” he added.

So how should this drink be enjoyed? The company suggests serving it straight over ice however, we might add an accompany of extra marshmallows, it is the weekend after all.

The gin is available to purchase here online for £32 (€35).

Photo Cred: The Naked Marshmallow Co.