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23rd Jan 2020

Having a fry for breakfast is going to die out with the next generation, apparently

Olivia Hayes

You can’t beat a fry for breakfast sometimes.

With rashers, sausages, eggs, beans, friend mushrooms and whatever else you fancy added in, it’s just so tasty. And if you have a hangover, it’s certainly the cure.

Well, it seems like a fry up is going to die out with the next generation if this study is anything to go by.

The study was commissioned by online polling firm Ginger Research in the UK and found that one in five people under 30 have never had a fry before.

Mental scenes.

But why would anybody at all not be into a full fry up? Haven’t they lived?

Well, out of the 2,000 people asked, 27 percent said it was the black pudding putting them off because it’s just so unappealing, while 24 percent said it’s the amount of grease that’s a big no-no.

Other reasons included burnt fried eggs, overcooked bacon and processed sausages, while lukewarm baked beans was also a turn-off… and honestly, it just sounds like they have never had a good fry before.

It was also considered unhealthy, but sure it’s not like you’re having one every single day.

When asked what their ideal breakfast would be, we’re not really surprised by the outcome. Scrambled eggs and salmon came out on top of the rankings with 71 per cent saying it was their ideal brekkie choice.

That was very closely followed by smashed avocado on rye bread with 70 per cent and oatmeal pancakes came in at 69 per cent.