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03rd May 2016

Sick joke? Kit Kat are bringing out a new bar (and it’s horrendous)

Chocaholics, look away now...

Somethings just don’t go together… 

Chocolate can be a form of religion for some people as it’s cheap, versatile, sweet and delicious. When I say some people I mean me.

Everyone has their favourite bar or packet of sweets that brings them solace or a little sugar boost.

Well, fans of the traditional Nestlé’s Kit Kat may want to look away now.

Kit Kat have released a few varieties in the past – orange flavour, mint chocolate, white chocolate – however, this new flavour may just be the weirdest yet.

The new Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese flavour between sweet wafers is covered in mild white chocolate. So melon, cheese and white chocolate? OK.

According to the Nestlé Japan website, the description for the new flavour marries together the “mild sweetness of Hokkaido melon and a fresh taste of mascarpone cheese.”


The Hokkaido melon with mascarpone cheese Kit Kat is being sold at airports at Japan, alongside two other flavours currently being tested, including Japanese strawberry, and uji matcha (green tea).

This is one chocolate bar even I’M going to have to pass on.

Lead image via Nestlé