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19th Oct 2017

Dunnes Stores is holding a BIG gin sale and here’s how we’ll be taking advantage

What’s better than a night spent sipping gin with your fave gals?

Having your own gin bar, that’s what. Gin’s revival has led to an explosion of gin love and we are all over it. From advent calendars to gin schools and even gin tea, there’s no stopping the current craze.

Be the host with the most (gin) and throw the best gin-themed party ever. It’s oh so easy to plan and your friends will adore you for it. Here’s what you need to kick things off…

1. Stock up on your favourite gin

Obviously, you need the gin (have we mentioned that yet?!).

You’ll need a decent selection and thankfully, Dunnes Stores is holding a massive gin sale and they even have all the mixers to go with it.

We were super excited to hear that bottles of pink gin are on offer – get in! You can buy Gordon’s Pink Gin plus Montelliana Prosecco for only €30 as part of the promotion which is on until November 6th. NO party is complete without pink gin so you better get down fast before it runs out.

AND, there’s €5 off other favourites such as Gunpowder, Tanqueray, Bombay and Shepherd’s Purse which is actually exclusive to Dunnes Stores.

There are so many cocktail options when it comes to this spirt and you’ll have all the fun trying them out.

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2. Mixers

G&T is a classic but there are some fab variations you can mix it up with for something new – try it with some elderflower or even an aromatic twist and you’ll be in heaven. There are great offers on Fever-Tree as well so you’ll have a massive selection of mixers to impress your mates with.

3. The garnish is key

Garnish can transform your drink in every way. It adds flavour and aroma and the trick is to match the right garnish to the right gin.

Other ingredients to add to your gin-extravaganza include black pepper, jasmine, star of anise, ginger and salt not to mind cucumber, orange and every type of berry imaginable.

5. Set a theme

Every good party needs a theme, right?

It’s a great excuse to dress up and it will make your gin party much more memorable, your Instagram page will thank you for it too.

6. Get the glasses right

Gin connoisseurs all over the world are now snubbing the typical tall Tom Collins glass in favour of a different type of glass entirely. That glass has a much more rounded shape and sits on a stem. Its name? The Copa de Balon glass.

Dunnes Stores has a deadly offer on gin glasses that we love – four for €10 plus two FREE – what a bargain!

The perfect gin deserves the perfect glass and with such pretty presentation, people will be talking about your gin party for weeks.

7. G&T ice lollies

No party is complete without these and we have found a delish (and easy) recipe for you to try out!

You’ll need:
3 cups tonic, 1½ oz gin, ¼ lime, juiced,  ½ cup cucumber slices

1. Mix together tonic, gin and lime juice.
2. Place cucumber slices into moulds, then pour in the tonic mix.

3.Freeze overnight before serving.

8. Food

Every good bash needs some tasty grub and to keep the gin theme going, try some gin-infused food like a G&T tart.

*Remember to always drink responsibly. See for more information.

Save €5 on 500ml and 700ml Bottles of Gin at the Dunnes Stores Great Gin Sale (exclusions apply) until November 6th.Did you know you can also use your Dunnes Stores Shop & Save promotion and make further savings?