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08th Jan 2020

Say hello to the chicken nugget and mozzarella dippers pizza

We don’t know whether to be disgusted by this or whether we actually really want it.

While we love trying new foods and tasting various concoctions, some things stop us in our tracks.

One of those things is this chicken nugget pizza. While it sounds all well and good – sure, what can be so wrong about chicken nuggets and pizza together? – we’re just a tad sceptical.


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Mozzarella Dippers? On a pizza? For sure.

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The pizza comes from Crazy Pedro’s in Manchester and Liverpool and it has actually proven to be a big hit.

As well as spicy chicken nuggets, there’s also creamy mozzarella dippers, ‘Hotter Than The Sun’ chilli drizzle, ranch dressing and chives on top.

To be honest, it looks absolutely insane and we would love to try it.

Comments on the restaurant’s social media posts are all praising it, with one person saying, “it’s like all the best things ever,” and another person wrote, “mozzy dips on pizza. 2020 is our year.”

While it is probably not something we’d have ALL the time (imagine the heartburn!), we definitely want to try it.

Only need to book a flight over to Manchester or Liverpool, right?