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31st Mar 2021

Creme Eggs filled with chocolate now exist

Sarah McKenna Barry

This is what dreams are made of.

They say not to mess with the classics, but perhaps the folks over at Cadbury are on to something.

The chocolate company has just released its latest creation – and it looks divine.

That’s right, Cadbury has swapped out the classic yellow and white filling for a smooth chocolate cream centre.

Sadly, the limited edition egg is only available in the US, but we’re hopeful that if it has a good run there, we might get a chance to try it in the future.

In the past, Cadbury has been unafraid to mix things up when it comes to the chocolate egg. For instance, the Oreo egg and the Caramel creme egg are Easter mainstays in Irish supermarkets.

Moreover, according to Tyla, Canadian chocoholics were once privy to a cookie dough egg, while lucky New Zealanders got to sample a limited edition Jaffa Egg.

In 2019, Cadbury even released a white chocolate edition of the Creme Egg.

Plus, who could forget the beloved Creme Egg Twisted of yesteryear – a chocolate bar stuffed with delicious creme egg fondant?

While the chocolate Creme Egg is only available in the US, a British gifts website has offered to import a small number of eggs to customers in the UK at £1.99 (€2.34).

While it’s unclear how Irish chocolate aficionados can get their hands on these bad boys, the comments of GB Gifts’ Instagram post give an indication of how divided fans are over the newest egg.

One Instagram user wrote: “This looks way better than creme eggs.”

Another user described them as “amazing”.

Others were less convinced. In fact, one person wrote that the mere idea was “sacrilege”.

While we can’t tuck into the special edition Creme Egg just yet, at least we have our classic fare to tide us over.