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26th Sep 2023

Shoppers notice major change to Roses tubs and they’re not happy

Kat O'Connor

Shoppers are not happy.

Have we considered starting our Christmas shopping? Maybe

We know it’s a little bit too soon to be talking about Christmas, but it’s tough not to feel excited about it when the shops are already full of selection boxes and decorations.

We’re not the only ones getting prepared for the holiday season a little early because eagle-eyed shoppers have noticed something different about the tubs of Roses.

And they’re not too impressed.

The tubs of Roses have gone down in size, according to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook.

Does anyone remember the giant tins of Roses you used to get in the 90s? Let’s bring them back.

One shopper posted a photo confirming the tubs are now 550g rather than 600g.

The shopper shared: “Smaller size alert 600g last Christmas, this year 550g!”

Shoppers were pretty disappointed over the downsize, but that isn’t going to stop us from stocking up on a month’s worth of chocolate this Christmas.

The festive season wouldn’t be complete without at least two tubs of Cadbury’s Roses, right?

Plus, we’ll need a couple of backup tubs for when unexpected visitors decide to show up at our house on Stephen’s Day.