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25th Mar 2019

This company wants to PAY you to hunt for white Cadbury’s Créme Eggs

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Two years ago, Cadbury’s launched one of the most sought-after treats – a white Créme Egg.

They’re limited edition so of course everyone is scouring the country to nab one. What’s more is that you can actually win money if you find one and… chocolate + money = happiness.

As we all know though, they are incredibly hard to find. You barely come across them and even those *mean* people who try and peel the wrapper off before they purchase them end up with a regular milk chocolate one.

However, a company in the UK is looking for people to become Créme Egg hunters and it seems like a pretty class job.


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Bark in the UK – oh yeah, you’d have to move over to the UK for this one, lads – says, “Do you love chocolate, like earning money, and have a bit of spare time on your hands? Well if you answered yes to, well, all of those, we’ve got the job for you!”

“If you sign up to be a Pro Cadbury Crème Egg Hunter you will have to provide a photo ID, be subject to a full background check, and be willing to travel to several supermarkets around the UK.”

It continues: “As well as the hourly rate, which includes the cost of 8 boxes of eggs, and travel expenses, there is an option for you and customers to agree bonuses should prizes be won.”

However, Cosmo notes that the hourly rate can reach up to £45 per hour, which we think is quite generous.

If you think this sounds like the job for you, and you… er, don’t mind moving over to the UK, you can check out the job advertisement here.