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17th Feb 2017

A cheese bar is coming to London and we’re booking flights as we type


Cathy Donohue

First a gin school, then a prosecco festival and now a ‘cheese bar’.

When you think of it like that, 2017 isn’t all bad especially with the news that The Cheese Bar is opening its doors in Camden, London next month.


This delicious idea comes to us courtesy of Matthew Carver, who initially started off with The Cheese Truck, selling all sorts of melted cheese delights in the UK, the UAE and Singapore.

Come to Ireland already!

Anyway, while we’re figuring out how to make that happen, have a look at some of the gooey, cheesy, delicious delights you’ll be able to sample once the venue opens.

There are all sorts of options and as you can see from the below Instagram post, the Cropwell Bishop Stilton, pear chutney and bacon combination is getting serious love.

Oh and in case you fancy a tipple with your cheese, alcohol will be served at the Camden Stables location too.

Grilled cheese love is real love and now I’m experiencing serious cravings…