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03rd Jun 2021

Planning your next girls night in? Carol Byrne shares her tips for the ultimate Aperitivo evening

Ann Cronin

Brought to you by Aperol

Everything you need to create the perfect Aperitivo moment.

With restrictions easing and the long evenings finally settling in, we’re all looking forward to reuniting with the girls for a long overdue catch up.

And while we still might be a while away from attending any bigger gatherings, we can still enjoy some small outdoor get-togethers with a couple of good pals.

If you’re hosting your group’s next get together, we know you’ll want to put together an unbeatable evening filled with good food, great company and refreshing drinks that will be a hit with everyone.

After the year we’ve had, those precious Aperitivo moments are even more special, and we all have a newfound appreciation for those amazing social occasions with girls.

Carol Byrne’s shared her tips for creating the perfect Aperitivo moment at home in the video below.

But first, here’s everything you’ll need to host your own outdoor evening in with the girls.

Choose you perfect Aperitif

When selecting what drink to serve you’ll need something light and refreshing that pairs well with your menu but isn’t too difficult to make.

A delicious Aperol Sprtiz is the perfect serve for your evening in with the girls. Not only is it quick and easy to make, but it’s also a light (only 11% ABV) and refreshing aperitif that’s perfect for enjoying with good food.

If you’re not sure what an Aperitif is, it’s basically a drink with some delicious bitter undertones. This tangy bitterness sets you up to eat and makes food taste better, so it really is the perfect beverage for your night in with the girls.

Carol shows us how to make the perfect Aperol Spritz below which you can follow along with, but first here are the ingredients you’ll need:

Your ingredients:

  • 50ml of prossecco
  • 50ml of Aperol
  • Soda Water
  • A slice of fresh orange
  • A glass full of ice

Now that you have your ingredients in order, you’re only 3 simple steps away from the perfect Aperol Sprtiz.

Step 1

Fill up a glass with ice, and add in 50ml of Prosecco.

Step 2

Add in 50ml of Aperol and top it off with some Soda Water.

Step 3

Give it a light stir, but don’t overdo it – you don’t want to lose that fizziness that makes an Aperol Spritz so light and refreshing! Then serve with a slice of fresh orange and enjoy!

Pick your menu

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect Aperitif, you need to decide on a mouth-watering menu to make the most of it.

Carol opted for Supervalu’s delicious Signature Taste Pizza range. Choosing flavours that compliment each other is essential, and pizza and an Aperol Spritz make a delicious combo.

Pastas, sliders, skewers and Thai food are other nibbles that pair perfectly with an aperitif.

For more inspiration on creating that perfect Aperitivo moment, you can watch Carol’s full video below.

Aperol is available in all major retailers.

For something a little more serious, why not try our Campari Tonic recipe?

Step 1. 35.5ml Campari

Step 2. Schweppes Signature Collection Crisp Tonic

Step 3. 2 slices of Lime

Please drink responsibly. 

Brought to you by Aperol