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23rd Sep 2017

This Boojum themed birthday cake is making us feel a certain kind of way

"The guac is extra!"

Rory Cashin


“The guac is extra!”

Our tummies are confused by this, because it seems to be speaking to two different types of hunger.

Remember the Supermacs birthday cake from a few days ago? Here it is again in case you’ve forgotten:

Clearly a thing of beauty.

And we thought it couldn’t be bettered in terms of the admittedly niche competitive market of “Birthday Cake That Looks Like Food From A Famous Irish Eatery”, and yet it looks like we may have a new competitor for that crown.

Created by the Belfast bakery French Village (here’s their Facebook page), they created this Boojum-themed burrito birthday cake over the summer.

It belongs in a museum, except it would probably go off, and also we want to eat it.

Wherever you are Fiona, we hope you had the best 30th birthday. and we hope you are happy in the knowledge that

We also hope you are happy in the knowledge that we have gone blind with jealousy that you got this as your cake.

Burrito, anyone?

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