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15th Jul 2019

BBQ alert! It’s Marks & Spencer’s new summer range, plus your wine pairing for each dish

Brought to you by M&S Ireland

Oh, how heavenly.

With the current bout of exceptionally warm weather we’re having, what else could we possibly be doing besides cracking out the barbie?

Nothing says summer like a few evening soirées with friends, spent catching up and rolling on smoothly with a glass of divine wine in hand.

It’s also easier than ever to make barbecue season something extra spectacular. You see, we don’t have to scrimp on quality to feed a large group of friends. Marks & Spencer has an all-new range of summer foods that are just perfect for a garden party, a barbecue, birthdays and family get-togethers.

It’s all so affordable AND scrumptious. So, regardless of whether your taste buds or your wallet need the most attention, we’ve put together a few foodie options below, along with the perfect summer wine pairing for each.

1. Our Best Ever Burgers with Cheese, €5.80 (340g), included in the 3 for €12 Grill range

M&S has officially launched their ultimate cheeseburger, topped with cheesy melts – a moreish mix of cheese, gherkin, mustard and tomato sauce. Last years M&S’ best-selling burger EVER was the Our Best Ever Burger. Now, they’re looking to set records yet again with their all-new ultimate version topped with ‘soon-to-be melting cheese’ over a fired-up barbecue. Do enjoy.

Pair with Marks & Spencers’ Weather Station Malbec Shiraz. It’s ripe, juicy and smooth with flavours of blueberry, mocha and cinnamon spice. Delicious.

2. Rib-eye 2 pack, €7.50 (385g)

The rib-eye cut is sure to add that extra wow-factor. Cook on the BBQ (or in the oven) for a succulent, tender and high-quality meat.

Pair with the full, rich and well-balanced Te Awanga Merlot Hawke’s Bay. It pairs beautifully with beef or lamb dishes.

3. All-New Deli-Inspired Salads, €4.70

Taking inspiration from cuisines around the world that promise bursting flavours, M&S has also launched a number of salads and this indeed has us VERY excited indeed. Ideal for the spring and summer months, there are nine unique combinations full of chunky roasted and fresh veggies, grains, nuts, toasted seeds, plus marinades and dressings for that extra something.

Pair with Marks & Spencers’ Puzzle Tree Chardonnay Viognier. Blended high up in Chile’s snow-capped Andes, this fruity, crisp and fragrant wine from Colchagua Valley boasts flavours of peach and citrus fruit with a gorgeous floral note.

Balancing the rounded floral character of Viognier with the lemony zing of Chardonnay, it’s a testament to the purity of Chilean winemaking. Enjoy this wine when it’s well chilled, young and fresh.

4. Our Best Ever Quiche, €6

The M&S Our Best Ever Quiche made with an exclusive cheese pastry is sure to be a favourite – this delicious quiche is made with crisps blind baked cheese shortcrust pastry and filled with double cream and free-range egg custard, applewood smoked bacon and tangy gruyere cheese.

Goes perfectly with Marks & Spencers’ bright, mulberry coloured red Fleurie from France. Brimming with supple black cherry fruit with notes of wildflower, this medium bodied wine is refreshingly elegant all the way to the finish.

5. Margherita Meat’zza, €6.40 (320g), Spicy Pepperoni Meat’zza, €6.40 (310g), both included in the 3 for €12 Grill range

Serving two people, these Meat’zzas from M&S have replaced pizzas traditional dough base with 100 per cent outdoor-bred pork and it’s entirely gluten-free. The latest creations are suitable for freezing and go perfectly with a summer salad. Choose from two yummy options — the Margherita (mozzarella, basil, marinated tomato OR the Spicey Pepperoni with lashings of mozzarella, pepperoni and fiery jalapeño.

Merinas Old Vines Tempranillo will go beautifully with your Meat’zza of choice. Following organic principles, this fruity and lightly oaked red wine has been created exclusively for M&S. Scented with red cherries, blackcurrant and liquorice, it’s packed with ripe, soft and dark summer berries — the perfect accompaniment to your dish.

6. Bao Buns, €2.90

The popular street food has officially shot to popularity and making your very own bao bun feast has never been easier. Pop in the microwave for a few seconds, pack full of your favourite fillings (Vietnamese pork, aromatic duck, teriyaki beef, herbs, peanuts, pickles, vegetables and mushrooms) and voilá.

Pair with the Loire Valley’s medium to dry style Rosé d’Anjou. It works perfectly with cheeses and lightly spiced Asian dishes, so perfect with the above filling. With the M&S slow-cook Vietnamese pork belly, this rosé helps to accentuate the many flavours within.

Be sure to try out the HUGE selection of delicious sauces to accompany your meal too. For a start, there’s the Spiced Sweet Potato Houmous Swirl the Pesto Houmous Swirl — both perfect with crisps or crudités. Get your mitts on the Special Burger Sauce too. It’s American-inspired mild mustard and gherkin flavour set to shake up any BBQ scene.

Essentially, M&S has done our BBQ groundwork for us, providing fresh and delicious foods, accompaniments as both sides or to go with chicken or fish. There are also vegetarian options and five products in the new summer range are vegan too (check out the Roasted Sweet Potato & Broccoli salad with citrusy lime and chilli dressing).

M&S’ new range brings something to the table for everyone. Although we’ve listed the above to get you started, don’t forget to try the Sticky Pineapple Bacon Streakies, Layered Tex Mex Dip and even more Sassy Salads!

Here’s to a convenient and luxurious BBQ!

Brought to you by M&S Ireland. This isn’t just any summer, it’s an M&S summer.

The M&S summer food offering from Marks & Spencer is available from all M&S food halls in Ireland. This year, Marks & Spencer is celebrating 40 years in Ireland and has everything you need to throw the ultimate BBQ. With 18 stores across the country, their summer has everything from Meatzzas to Houmous Swirls, Layered Tex Mex Dip, and the Best Ever Quiche. This isn’t just any summer, it’s an M&S summer.