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23rd Oct 2018

Barry’s Tea Irish Gin is officially returning and we’ll cheers to that

Keeley Ryan

You’ll have to be quick if you want to nab a bottle, though.

Last year, we were (cautiously) over the moon when it was announced that Barry’s Tea gin was officially a thing.

While food and drink mashups are something we tend to approach with caution, it proved to be a huge hit – the bend sold out within just a few weeks of its release.

Which is why we were particularly excited when we found out that the Blackwater Barry’s Tea Irish Gin is going to be returning.

The gin combines the taste of Barry’s Tea Classic Blend with the taste of Sicilian lemons, sweet Spanish oranges, juniper berries and cinnamon.

Basically, the ideal taste for cold winter evenings.

You’ll have to be quick if you want to nab a bottle, though.

10,000 bottles have gone on sale in retailers throughout the country, priced at €35.

Barry’s Tea Master Blender, Denis Daly, said of the partnership:

“So many people are coming home this time of year – whether from overseas or within Ireland. The evenings are getting darker and we are looking for comfort, so many people tell us that they associate this with Barry’s Tea.

“That warmth, that feeling of home. This is the perfect time to bring back our limited-edition Blackwater Barry’s Tea Irish Gin, allowing people to enjoy the flavour of Barry’s Tea in a completely different way. We are proud to work with Blackwater Distillery – another brand known for their craft as we are for ours.”

Peter Mulryan, Co-founder of Blackwater Distillery, added:

“The flavours of tea make it a perfect complement for this time of year – it’s ideal for a winter cocktail or Christmas present. Demand for Blackwater Barry’s Tea Irish Gin last year was high and we’re proud to bring it back this year.”