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03rd Feb 2018

Astronauts could be about to get a seriously vile food drop


Please, no.

You know that feeling you get when somebody tells you to ‘eat shit’?

You feel pretty bad about yourself, your stomach tightens up, and you wish you hadn’t done whatever it was you just did, right?

Well, that’s the exact same feeling that astronauts may be having if this food plan goes ahead… because they will literally be eating their own shit.

No, really.

We swear, this isn’t a joke.

According to LiveScience, new technology could be on the way that will have the ability to transform human poop into edible food.

… And all from the comfort of space.

Not only will astronauts no longer need to worry about running out of sustenance, but there’ll also be a handy new way of disposing of the poop that they already make too.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, guys.

It’s the future.

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University recently discovered certain microbes that can aid poop in its transition into edible bacterias.

So what exactly would this poo-food space food taste like?

Well, according to study author Christopher House, it reminds him of Marmite.

We’re not entirely sure whether Chris means taste-wise, texture-wise, or just general-vibe-wise… And we kind of don’t want to know either.