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15th Mar 2018

Anti-ageing sandwiches are (apparently) a thing and we are… confused

Jade Hayden


Once you hit a certain age, everything is anti-ageing this and anti-ageing that.

You can hardly walk into a shop without somebody offering you a cream or a scrub or a sandwich that promises to reduce the amount of wrinkles on your face or stop those crows feet in their tracks.

Beauty products we’re used to at this stage, but food items are a whole other story.

While it’s been long believed that blueberries, dark chocolate, figs, and certain types of mushrooms are great for slowing down the ageing process, the idea that a sandwich could do this sounds, shall we say, ridiculous.

Who are we to judge though?

We’ve never tried anti-ageing sandwiches, and if we had, we haven’t documented our skin ageing process enough to really discover if there are any true benefits.

Still though, that hasn’t stopped somebody from opening up a sandwich spa in London where you can indulge on a free anti-ageing sandwich while you get a massage.

The spa’s signature sandwich Roll Back the Clock (yes, that is the name of it) is a multigrain ‘anti-ageing’ wrap made with ‘age-defying’ ingredients like sweet potato and spinach.

The spa’s BLT isn’t a standard BLT either – it stands for Beautiful Long Tresses and includes a load of tofu and a scalp massage that will make your hair look all nice and stuff.

The spa itself just opened up today in La Galleria Pall Mall but if you’re looking to go, you’ll need to wait for more tickets to become available. 

Turns out anti-ageing foods are super popular with the people of London.

The free aspect probably helps a lot too though, in fairness.