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03rd Jul 2019

Abrakebabra release two sauces so you can have the takeaway taste at home

A great day for the parish.

Denise Curtin


If you’re a fan of Abrakebabra or have ever milled into one of their delicious loaded fries then you’ll know the excitement surrounding the release of these two sauces.

One factor that makes Abrakebabra so good is the magic sauces they coat their food in. The magic sauces that drip off their fries are now… the magic sauces you can bring home.

A great day for the parish.

Two years ago, in response to customer demand, Abrakebabra gifted some lucky fans one of just 2,000 limited edition pots of the sauces. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Now, after a lot of product and packaging refinement and redesign, the two magic sauces are ready to come home.

For just €2.50 each, these sauces will be available in SuperValu in two flavours “taco sauce” and “garlic sauce”.

What more could you want?

The sauces don’t have any official drop date as of yet but keep your eyes peeled when in store, they’re coming VERY soon.