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02nd Dec 2020

A new Krispy Kreme store is opening up in Dublin city centre

There’s always room for more doughnuts.

It seems all the good news was saved for the end of 2020, and here’s another thing to add to the list.

Doughnut giant Krispy Kreme will be opening a new location in Dublin City.

If you’re a local of the original Irish store in Blanchardstown then you’re fine, but for everyone else who’s had to make a trip there for the sole purpose of getting doughnuts, you will be thrilled about this news.

The new location will be at Central Plaza on Dame Street (old Central Bank) which has been under construction for the last few years.

Since the American doughnut company arrived in Dublin in 2018 people have become obsessed. The first time they opened their doors there was a queue of over 300 people waiting to get their hands on the glazed treats at 7am – and all throughout the night.

The location in Blanchardstown is so successful that it was the best performer out of all their stores in the world, pulling in almost €300,000 in revenue every week.

Brian Moran, senior managing director of Hines, said: “Krispy Kreme will bring an exciting and beloved retail experience to a whole new customer base and will be perfectly located in the heart of Dublin.

“With the Central Plaza project now nearing completion, we’re looking forward to seeing Krispy Kreme serving up its iconic doughnuts to a very expectant customer audience here in the city centre very soon indeed”.

The plan is that the plaza will be one part working space, one part shopping and one part eating. Peter Lynn, Director with Hines Real Estate Ireland Ltd, said: “WeWork, Bujo, Las Iguanas, Ginos and now Krispy Kreme are all due to start fitting out in early 2021.”