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22nd Jul 2018

7 low-GI breakfasts that will keep you fuller for longer

What is GI and why should I care?

Good question. GI stands for Glycemic Index. It’s an index that rates foods based on their effects on blood sugar level. Foods that break down slowly, releasing a steady stream of glucose (or sugar) into the blood stream, are classed as ‘low GI’.

Foods that break down quickly and release a high level of glucose more quickly are deemed ‘high GI’.

Low GI foods are thought to be better for you as they contribute to more balanced and long-lasting energy levels, can help you burn fat and will make you feel fuller for longer, making them perfect for breakfast time to set you up for the day.

When it comes to GI, the less processed the food is the lower GI it tends to be. Here are seven low GI breakfasts that’ll set you up for the day.

1. Low-fat yoghurt, pear and chia seeds

Trick your sweet tooth without sending your blood sugar levels skyrocketing.

2. Vegetable omelette

Easy and tasty. Veggies like peppers, mushrooms and onions are all low-GI.

3. Rye crispbread with peanut butter and banana

The crunch of the crispbread will satisfy anyone trying to wean themselves off refined carbs.

4. Wholemeal breakfast burrito

Pop some scrambled egg, spinach and tomato into a wholemeal tortilla wrap and you’re good to go!

5. Mashed avocado on wholemeal toast

The avocado’s good fats will keep you full and satiated throughout the morning.

6. Shakshuka

This is a Middle-Eastern dish comprised of eggs and veggies cooked in tomatoes and spices. Get the recipe here.

7.  Sliced apple with peanut or cashew butter

This one’s handy if you’re not a ‘breakfast person’ – it’s light but will keep you going.