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01st Dec 2014

PICS: This 3-Year Old Girl Just Chopped Her Long Hair In Half To Share It With A Sick Friend

Prepare to have your heart melted.


These must be some seriously proud parents.

Three year old Ariana is definitely on Santa’s good list after this huge heartfelt act.

The tiny tot was shopping with her mum, when she notived another little girl was bald. Asking her mother why the other little girl didn’t have hair, her mum answered that she was very sick so her hair had fallen out.

According to her mum, Ariana decided she needed to do something about it.

Posting a series of images to Imgur, Ariana’s mum explained:

“Without a breath she said, ‘She can have some of my hair.'”

So Ariana’s mum took her daughter to the hairdressers for her first chop, and posted a series of snaps that will melt your heart.

Images via Imgur