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21st Feb 2022

March baby? 10 unique Irish baby names that are not too popular yet

Trine Jensen-Burke

For the month that is in it.

March – and St. Patrick’s Day – is only around the corner, and if you are expecting a little spring baby, why not opt for a gorgeous, home-grown Irish moniker?

Irish names have been a popular choice for parents for several years now, and many are currently riding high in the name charts.

However, if you are interested in finding a name that is not too popular yet, you do not need to settle. Just take a look at these 10 lovely names, suitably perfect for your little March baby:

1. Oilbhe

Baby girls

This sweet girl’s name is not too popular yet, and simply means ‘olive.’

2. Aodh

Baby boys

Pronounced Ay,  this name is said to mean “fire”.

3. Aithche

Baby girls

Aithche is the Irish version of Alicia, and a real sweet choice. we think.

4. Caelan

Baby boys

This handsome moniker means “warrior”.

5. Bláth

Baby girls

The Anglicised version of this Irish name would be Flora – which we think makes for the perfect spring name.

6. Iollan

Baby boys

Pronounced Ul-an, this name’s meaning is “one who worships a different god”.

7. Caoilfhionn 

Baby girls

The Gaelic version of Keelin, we love this very traditional name.

8. Naomhán

Simply described as meaning “holy” we love how unique this name is.

9. Éadaoin

Baby girls

In English, this name would be Edwina, but we much prefer the Irish version, to be honest.

10. Taveon

Baby boys

Again, a nature-inspired moniker perfect for spring; the name Taveon means “hillside”.