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25th Mar 2014

Express Delivery For Newry Postman As Wife Goes Into Labour

What a man!

Newry postman Paul Feenan delivered the most special package of his life last week, when he helped his wife Lisa give birth to their daughter on their bathroom floor.

According to UTV, Feenan’s wife Lisa went into labour unexpectedly on a Saturday afternoon and, with no time for an ambulance to arrive, he was forced to put his skills to good use and deliver the bundle of joy himself.

“She went into the bathroom and I rang the hospital and the next thing I heard was a squeal from Lisa, so I ran in and found that her waters had broken. And I said to the midwife on the phone, you may get us an ambulance,” he explained.

“The next thing Lisa said she needed to push and got down on the floor and I saw the head coming and just thought: ‘Oh dear’.”

Baby Anna was delivered safe and well within minutes but the doting dad has said that he won’t be giving up his daily round to join the maternity ward just yet.

“I was sitting on the floor and the midwife on the phone asked what was happening and I told her I had a baby in my hands. So I cleared her airways and she began to cry. I was just acting on instinct and think I went into shock straight after – but I think one’s enough,” he said.

“People have said to me they don’t think they could do it, but being up close and personal makes it extra special. My family and friends have been all praise, but it was Lisa that did all the work and deserves all the credit – I was just lucky to be there. But I think one is enough for me.”