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24th Jan 2024

Louise Cooney on the importance of following your gut as a new mum

Kat O'Connor

Louise Cooney

Louise Cooney has opened up about being a first-time mum

Influencer, Louise Cooney has been praised for being so honest about being a new mum.

She recently opened up about the struggles she has been facing but stressed that she wants to trust her gut as she enters this new chapter.

Speaking on her Instagram story, the mum said she’s currently figuring out her son’s sleep routine.

Louise said she’s still figuring things out as a new mum, but she feels comfortable.

“There are certain things that I think we’re definitely getting our head around, like, getting him in and out of the car now has become, like, I do it with my eyes closed,” she explained.

Motherhood is such a challenge, but the mum said she wants to embrace it all, even the difficult moments.

“I just love having him there, and do you know what? this time is so rare, I’m just going to enjoy it.

“I’m going to enjoy all the contact naps and all the time with him that I can.”

Louise added: “I feel like when the time is right, we’ll know to kind of get him off to bed earlier and do set naps and stuff like that, but having the flexibility with him is amazing at this age.”

Louise gave birth to her baby boy Jude on November 7th, 2023.

The mum confirmed the birth of her son on Instagram. She said her baby boy has changed her life for the better.

“You have changed our world forever. We are so in love,” she wrote.

We love how honest Louise is about motherhood. Her honesty really is a breath of fresh air.