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15th Feb 2021

Christine and Paddy McGuinness to shoot documentary about raising 3 children with autism

Melissa Carton

“This may or may not help anyone but this is ‘real life’ “

TV Presenter Paddy McGuinness and his wife Christine have recently revealed that they will be making a documentary about their family life.

Paddy and Christine want to show the world their day to day life, parenting their three children who have all been diagnosed with autism.

The couple hope that as well as showing the difficulties they come up against that they can also show the positives too and how proud they are of their three children.

Christine, who describes herself as an autism advocate, says her children are fabulous, individual and unique, but does admit that she struggles sometimes, especially during lockdown.

With limited access to support and stimulation due to lockdown Christine has said that her children have become more physical with her and each other.

The importance of getting children with additional needs back to school is also a topic at the forefront of many lockdown discussions in Ireland at the moment, with the hopes that some children can return to school in a staggered way over the next couple of months.

In one of her recent Instagram posts, Christine wanted to reassure other parents like her, that they are not alone;

“Day 1 : Lockdown 3. This may or may not help anyone but this is ‘real life’ I just want to let my SEN families know you are not alone, I hear you, I understand.”

The documentary is set to air on BBC but as of yet there is no date in place on exactly when it will be landing onto our screens.

As someone who was diagnosed with autism and ADHD, I’m very interested to see what Paddy and Christine’s documentary will be like. I hope it sheds light on how complex a condition autism is as I feel it is still very misunderstood.